Bacon Beer: The Definitive Guide

6 Aug

Pig hugging Beer Bottle

If you have not already seen, you can thank me later. However, today I bring to you Bacon AND Beer Can. Consider this your definitive guide to the few brews available that can simultaneously tickle your fancy for bacon and beer. So, make yourself a bacon mug and pour up one of these fine […]

The Bacon Magic Shell: a Primal Ice Cream Topping

23 Jul

I made an incredible discovery during a bacon party (Yes, bacon parties do exist). I think I might have to start a line of primal ice cream/sorbet topping now! If you loved the magic shell topping as a kid (or adult) you will LOVE this. Here’s the story: I was celebrating the last 2lbs of my […]

Bacon Affogato: The Bacon Bourbon Dessert Drink

11 Jul

Sometimes, dinner leaves you wanting more. You crave something sweet, something delicious, something to fill that void in your belly. But, as a bacon enthusiast, you don’t just want sweet, you need the savory and smoky taste that bacon lends to all inferior food products (which, as it turns out, are all food products). So, I […]

Bakin’ Bacon: How to Properly Cook Bacon in an Oven

3 Jul

If you are a bacon enthusiast, any bacon is better than no bacon. However, a true enthusiast knows that bacon lovers’ tastes range from raw to crispy. It is also apparent to said connoisseur that it is very easy to make a mistake while cooking bacon. Many people suffer from bacon that looks like the […]

BLT, the Bacon Bourbon Lunchtime Cocktail

28 Jun

Garnish the cocktail with a slice of avocado sandwiched between two cherry tomatoes and serve!

I love spicy & savory, but I just like sweet things. This BLT cocktail is spiced up with a bit of Horseradish, and if you haven’t already woken up by lunchtime, this drink will give you a swift kick in the arse. Plus, I dare you to find someone that does not like a good […]